Top 10 Best Manual Coffee Grinder 2022 Buying Guide

Do you think canned coffee is better than freshly grinded coffee? For me, a coffee that is just grinded before making it is more refreshing than any other form of coffee. For a true coffee lover, there is nothing better than an energetic coffee cup to kick off their morning or recharge energy after a tiresome routine.

How about grinding the coffee with your hands to boost the taste and aroma of your favorite drink? If so, then you must have the best manual coffee grinder 2022 at your home. Well, we have reviewed these top ten manual coffee grinders on the market for you. The selection of these coffee grinders is based on their features, brand reputation, features, and above all, customer reviews.

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Best Manual Coffee Grinder for 2022

To help you out, we have created a list of the best manual coffee grinder in 2022  based on brand reputation, taste, and above all, user reviews.

Hario Ceramic "Canister" Coffee Mill Manual GrinderHario Ceramic Coffee Mill Manual Grinder

  • - Ceramic burrs
  • - 120 Gram Capacity
  • - Hand wash only
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KONA-Manual-Coffee-GrinderKONA Manual Coffee Grinder

  • - Built-in Stabilizer and adjustable coarse
  • - Up to 50 grams of ground beans for 3 cups
  • - Improved torque with less effort
  • - Minimized mechanical failure
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LHS-Manual-Coffee-Grinder-with-Ceramic-Burrs LHS Manual Coffee Grinder

  • - Ceramic burr
  • - 4 Adjustable Levels
  • - Stainless steel handle
  • - Can make up to 4 cups
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Khaw-Fee-HG1B-Manual-Coffee-Grinder-with-Conical-Ceramic-BurrKhaw-Fee HG1B Manual Coffee Grinder

  • - High-Quality Ceramic Conical Burr construction
  • - Handy rubber top
  • - Built-in Adjustable Grind Selector
  • - Removable Silicone Base
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Manual-Coffee-Grinder IMAVO-Vintage-StyleIMAVO Vintage Style Wooden Coffee Grinder

  • - Charming Old World Design
  • - High-Quality Pine Wood
  • - Ceramic grinding core
  • - TBuilt-in polygon adjustor
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Manual-Coffee-Grinder IMAVO-Vintage-Style Hario Skerton Pro Ceramic Coffee Mill

  • - Ceramic conical burrs
  • - Detachable handle
  • - Nonslip rubber base
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JavaPresse-Manual-Coffee-Grinder-with-Adjustable-Setting JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

  • - Built-in Adjustable Grind Selector
  • - Patented Ceramic Combo Burrs
  • - Removable hand crank mechanism
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Porlex-Mini-Stainless-Steel-Coffee-Grinder Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder
  • - Ceramic conical burrs
  • - Stainless steel, static-free body
  • - 20-gram capacity
  • - Removable Handle
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Zassenhaus-Santiago-Mahogany-Beech-Wood-Manual-Coffee-Mill Mahogany Beech Wood Manual Coffee Grinder
  • - Beautiful Mahogany Finish
  • - Conical Burr Grinder
  • - 25-year guarantee on grinding mechanism
  • - Fine German Craftsmanship
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Kalita-coffee-Mill-KH-3-Retro-one Kalita Coffee Mill KH-3 Retro One
  • - Durable wood finish
  • - Cast iron grinding mechanisms
  • - Automatic Pellet Auger
  • - Cool vintage design
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1. Hario Ceramic “Canister” Coffee Mill Manual Grinder -Top Pick

Hario is a well-known Japanese company famous for producing fancy coffee gear. This canister-style ceramic coffee mill is not just a rustic-looking showpiece. The small piece of technology helps to grind the fresh whole beans coffee to give you a flavorful drink. With several parts, including the opening, the handle, and the glass jar, it is an elegant vintage replacement of the ancient coffee mills.

Hario manual coffee grinder

The lid of the grinder has a cork to keep the opening perfectly closed. Featuring a ceramic burr, it can easily facilitate 120 grams of ground coffee in the jar.

 Thanks to its old-fashion and durable latch closing system that helps the pot to close hermetically and prevent the coffee from slipping out of it. Also, the airtight canister keeps the coffee fresh. The metal handle comes with a wooden knob that makes grinding easy for you.

It takes some time to grind the handful of beans. The canister comes with a rubber bottom to prevent the mill from slipping and sliding during grinding. From espresso to French press, a slow grinding process is an ideal procedure for getting a perfect taste.

 After loading the opening with coffee beans, just place the plastic lid over the mill. Also, you can grind without putting the lid on. Last but not least, you can easily clean this best manual coffee grinder after making the coffee.

  • Airtight Seal for Added Freshness
  • Easy To Clean
  • Comfortable handle
  • Easy storage
  • Rubber bottom to prevent slipping
  • May feel High price

2.KONA Manual Coffee Grinder – Most popular

Finding the best coffee grinder at an affordable rate can be one tough task. KONA Manual Coffee Grinder is the right choice for those who are looking for the best budget grinders. This grinder offers 18 clicks setting with its compact size and can easily handle about 50 grams of whole beans. The ceramic burr coffee grinder can make what you need for an energetic cup of espresso and also a French press.

Kona manual coffee grinder

Perhaps the most attractive features of the grinder are its affordable price. This travel-friendly grinder comes with a detachable handle for easy carrying and storage. Also, it is easy to turn the grinder with enhanced torque and a stabilizer burr technology for easy use.

Just like vintage coffee grinders, there are not grind levels on this model. Click far to the left will be coarser while to the left will be a finger, and it may take some time to find the right settings for your favorite coffee.

 However, the compact size, affordable size, and reliable durability of this KONA manual coffee grinder make it the right choice for fresh coffee lovers.

  • Ridges on the side for easy grip
  • Detachable handles for easy storage
  • 18 grind setting makes it versatile
  • The glass jar can hold up to 50 gram of beans
  • The handle is not comfortable to hold

3. LHS Manual Hand Coffee Grinder

LHS professional coffee grinder is one of the durable grinders available on the market. Manufactured from premium quality materials, this is an excellent choice for the office. The ceramic bur, along with the stainless steel crank, is comfortable to hold and can last for a long time.

LHS manual coffee grinder

This manual coffee grinder has four adjustable levels that include from fine to coarse. The grinder is made from AB plastic, ceramic and stainless steel. ABS plastic is commonly used in professional wind musical instruments, so there is no question about its durability.

You can easily adjust the grind size according to your taste. All you need is to turn the built-in dial on the body. You will not find this feature in contemporary grinders. It is one of the best hand coffee grinders for medium-coarse coffee. Last but not least, a manual coffee grinder is easy to clean.

All you need is to take it apart and wash it with running water. Enjoy the best grinding experience by hand comfortably with this manual coffee grinder.

  • Portable and lightweight grinder
  • Best for office use
  • Made from durable material
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with an adjustable knob
  • A bit flimsy

4.Khaw-Fee HG1B Manual Coffee Grinder

Another affordable grinder with durable built quality and excellent grinding power, the Khaw-Fee is excellent for enjoying freshly grinded coffee. Featuring a ceramic conical burr along with a removable silicone base to prevent it from sliding, the grinder checks a lot of the boxes. The best benefit of buying a Khaw-Fee grinder is that it comes with a 100% lifetime warranty.

It has an adjustable built-in grinder selector which is accessible by removing the durable handle. From Turkish to French press, you can comfortably adjust it to grind everything. Tidy, efficient, and compact size is excellent for vivid travelers.

Not only the appealing features are enough to buy it, but its durable built quality makes it one of the best manual coffee grinders on the market. Another notable feature of the grinder is the handy rubber top, which keeps the beans from jumping out of the hopper while grinding. You can easily remove the silicone base and other parts for easy cleaning.

  • Silicone base holds grinder in place
  • Infinite dial settings are fully adjustable
  • All pieces come apart for easy cleaning
  • Rubber top prevents beans from spilling
  • Affordable price
  • Glass hopper is breakable

5. IMAVO Vintage Style Wooden Coffee Grinder

The right gift for those who are looking for a unique designed grinder, the IMAVO Vintage Style Wooden Coffee Grinder comes with a classic old-age design. This vintage replica has been manufactured from high-quality pine wood and iron to make it highly durable. Featuring a ceramic burr core, it is capable of grinding coffee with utmost perfection. Not only coffee, but you can also use it for spices, herbs, nuts, and other ingredients at home.

Best budget manual grinders

However, you need to change the grind sizes by removing the handle to adjust a cog nut. This hand crank is a stylized wheel located on the top for a fancy look and also makes it easy to crank when grinding through a batch of espresso.

Being a vintage coffee grinder, it is manufactured with iron, so it is better to clean it with a dry rag after use. Whether you are looking for an extra-fine finish for a drip machine or coarser texture to enjoy French press, this best manual coffee grinder comfortably gives your favorite fresh grinded coffee beans.

  • Vintage design is aesthetically pleasing
  • Hand crank for easy grinding
  • Includes removable powder box
  • Durable material
  • Versatile grinder for multiple purposes
  • Tough to stabilize while grinding

6.Hario Skerton Pro Ceramic Coffee Mill – Best Value For Money

Hario is a famous coffee equipment manufacturer, and this mid-level coffee grinder is a perfect example of its craftsmanship. Featuring a classic Hario design with improved features, this manual coffee grinder offers more consistent and uniformed performance. Hario is a famous heat-resistant glassware company that has been creating medical beakers for a long time.

Their glass quality is the best in the business. You can apply the heat to the grinder to check the glass quality. The ceramic conical burrs offer a precise and perfect grind. The new burr design features a more straightforward grind adjustment mechanism. It also has a new design detachable handle along with the improved burr shaft to enable a more stable grinder for a perfect cup of coffee.

The non-stick rubber base prevents the mill from sliding during the grinding process. This ceramic burr grinder can easily prepare up to 100 grams of fresh coffee. You don’t need to remove the handle for adjusting the grind size as there is an adjustment wheel on the bottom to comfortably go from espresso to French press.

  • Manufactured with quality material
  • Heat resistant glass
  • Dishwasher safe parts for easy cleaning
  • Improved burr shaft for a stable grinding
  • Silicone cap on the bottom to prevent slipping
  • A secure grind adjustment mechanism
  • Some parts should be removed to adjust grind settings

7. JavaPresse Manual Hand Coffee Grinder – Best Value For Money

Designed to eliminate the nasty noises of an electric grinder and offer a consistent grind, the JavaPresse Coffee grinder is a special gift for travelers. Founded by Raj Jana, this manual coffee grinder comes with an 18 click setting to provide precise grinding for a fantastic cup of coffee. This sturdy grinder is manufactured from stainless steel and also has patented ceramic combo burrs.

Best Stainless Steel Mini Grinder

One of the best features of this manual grinder is its lightweight, which makes it travel-friendly. Also, there is a free bag of coffee. The removable hand crank technology eliminates about 90% of irritating noise that comes from electric grinders. In fact, each JavaPresse product is made to liberate and empower coffee lovers to transform the whole bean ritual into an energetic cup of coffee.

The signature burr grinder blades are specially designed and tested via three professional-grade experiments. In other words, they can last 5 times longer than stainless steel blades. From durability to grinding, everything about this best manual coffee grinder is simply amazing.

  • Small size is convenient for traveling
  • Over 18 different grind setting
  • Free bag of coffee with the purchase of a grinder
  • Window on the side of the grinder for monitoring
  • Comes with a stainless steel frame
  • Some inner plastic parts

8. Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Grinder – Best For Traveling Light

Another best manual coffee grinder with compact size, the Porlex, is one of the most durable products on the market with a stainless steel body. This Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder is designed for travelers with premium build quality. Founded in Osaka, Japan, in 1978, Porlex is famous for producing quality grinders.

best portable handheld manual coffee grinder

The most standout features of the Porlex products are their unique ceramic manufacturing technology. The stainless steel body can comfortably last for a long time by producing fresh coffee. It also has long-lasting conical burrs that grind beans to make your mornings special.

Despite the small size of the grinder, it can quickly grind 20 grams of beans with less force. Whether you are going on a business trip or on a long drive, take this best coffee grinder with you to enjoy your journey. The static-free body is 47 mm in diameter and stands 130 mm tall.

  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning
  • Durable and long-lasting stainless steel
  • Reliable Ceramic burrs
  • Ultra-lightweight grinder
  • Removable handle for convenience
  • Ordinary quality handle

9. Zassenhaus “Santiago” Mahogany Beech Wood Manual Coffee Mill – Best For Turkish Coffee

A vintage coffee grinder with superb grinding performance, Zassenhaus “Santiago” Mahogany Beech Wood Manual Coffee Mill is a real example of German artisanship. Zassenhaus has been making quality grinders, cutting boards, spice mills, and related kitchen-based items since 1867. With passion, technical precision, and creativity, this is a durable grinder that can surely last for a time.

best manual coffee grinder 2021

Replicating the appearance of vintage grinders, the boxy model comes with an elegant little drawer at the front, along with a prominent label. Available in three finishes and stainless, including black, natural, and mahogany, it has a metallic grinding arm up top. The vintage-looking exterior comes with a premium-grade steel conical burr.

If you are an espresso lover, then this grinder can be your best friend. All you need is to place it between the knees and grind from a seated position. It helps to keep the grinder stable. Last but not least, the carbon steel grinding mechanism is manufactured in Germany.

  • Infinite dial grind settings
  • Carbon steel grinding materials
  • Beautiful design
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Not recommended for traveling

10. Kalita Coffee Mill KH-3 Retro One – Best For Design And Desirability

Established in 1959 in Nihonbashi, Japan, Kalita has been dealing in manufacturing coffee-related equipment for some time. The Kalita Coffee Mill KG-3 Retro One is best known for its unique appearance and durability. Offering an old-school vibe, this manual grinder is very easy to use. All you need is to fill the bell curve with coffee beans and then use the hand crank to grind your coffee.

Best For Design And Desirability coffee grinder

It takes some intentional trial and error to adjust the setting according to your taste. Remove the handle and tighten or loosen the gear nut to adjust the settings. Super tight will produce a very fine grind, whereas loose will produce coarser grounds.

The best feature of this manual coffee grinder is that it is made of iron. But you have to prevent it from getting wet, or it will get rust. Simply use a dry cloth to clean the grinder after use.

  • Cool vintage design
  • Easy to hold and grind
  • Top and bottom pieces fit together snugly
  • Sturdy cast iron grinding technology
  • Burrs are easy to access and clean
  • Cast iron prone to rust

11. Peugeot Antique Coffee Mill

The Peugeot is a manual coffee grinder that has the look and feel of an old-fashioned machine. It’s made from hand-aged beech wood, which gives it a vintage style. This model also comes with two different grind settings so you can choose between coarse or fine grinds. And if you don’t want to do all the work yourself, this one even includes an electric motor.

 Peugeot Antique Coffee Mill

You won’t find another manual coffee grinder like this on the market today. It has everything you need in order to make your morning cup of joe just right – and at such a reasonable price too! Plus, it makes for great decoration in any kitchen or living room since its design is both charmingly designed and incredibly stylish.

The Burr Style Mill is a fully adjustable burr-style mill that grinds beans quickly and efficiently, all while preserving the integrity and flavor of the beans. The burrs are made from high-quality steel (the same used in knife making) which has higher durability than some other steel options.

The Peugeot coffee grinder is an ideal machine for people who love espresso, as it offers high and consistent output and can grind beans down to a very fine powder. The grinding mechanism also comes with a lifetime warranty, and the exterior of the mill has a five-year warranty.

The company’s mission statement is “to keep its customers happy” by providing outstanding products like this one that will surely maintain consistency in your morning cup of java!

  • Really exceptional design
  • Grinding is made faster and easier with the burr mill’s fully adjustable grinding parameters
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant burrs made from high-quality steel
  • Lifetime warranty on grinding mechanism
  • Expensive
  • Can be difficult to hold while grinding

How to choose the Best Manual Coffee Grinder in 2022

There are many things to consider when choosing a manual coffee grinder in 2022. Following these vital factors can surely help you to make the right choice.

Build quality

Manual coffee grinders are made to last longer than electric coffee grinders due to many reasons, including less heat, low maintenance, and have fewer moving parts. However, the built quality of a product depends primarily on the material used in manufacturing.

Stainless steel is the best material used in manual coffee grinders. It is durable and straightforward to clean. Though glass may look elegant, it is easily breakable. Plastic is not recommended as long as it’s BOA-free. Wood is highly durable but may get damaged when wet. Aluminum is the right choice, but it may rust in wet conditions.

Always check the built quality before making a final decision. Don’t forget to check the customer reviews about the material used in your product.


Manual coffee grinders hold fewer beans than electric grinders. If you are going to use it for the first time, be careful with the capacity. There is not a holding vessel for beans, which means you have to buy storage containers.

Manual grinders are designed to hold enough beans for one or two cups at a time. You have to add beans to multiple teams to make coffee for a large group. They are ideal for office use, traveling, and single persons.


If you are looking to buy something for traveling, then you should consider the size, durability, weight, and efficiency. Stainless steel and thick glass are two ideal materials for such use. A portable coffee grinder comes with a lightweight and removable handle to help you save space and damages too.

Grind Settings

Perhaps the most important of all is grind settings. If you want to enjoy different brew types then you should consider the best manual coffee grinder with a variety of grind settings. For instance, if you love French Press, espresso, Turkish coffee, or pour-over, then you need to find a grinder that can handle both extra fine and extra coarse grinds.


Different manual grinders are made to display, such as vintage grinders. While others are made to quickly stash out of sight when not using it. The question is, what type of convenience are you looking for?

Convenience is also essential when adjusting the grind. Some grinders are very easy, just like turning the body with the set of numbered settings, whereas you have to remove the handle in some mills. Cleaning is the most important of all when it comes to convenience.


Price mainly depends on how often the grinder is going to be used. Simply calculate the number of days you are going to use it and then make a decision. If you are going to use it more frequently, then buy the one at a low cost. However, high-priced coffee grinders are more durable and offer premium features as compared to the low price products.


A manual coffee grinder is the best to go to make fresh coffee. There are many grinders with different features available on the market. Consider three essential things that are your budget, build quality, and your usage, and then make a decision. Starting your morning with a flavorful, fresh coffee with the best manual coffee grinder is undoubtedly going to make your day.